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Dealing with Change

George Bernard Shaw

Published On: 08.06.2013


There is a natural human reaction that is triggered by any change.

Our brain likes to maintain stability to guard the body against threats. The body’s natural reaction to change therefore is the ‘fight or flight’ response-not very helpful to anyone trying to introduce a change or facing changes in their life!

One of the best ways to deal with this is to involve or become involved with the changes. This is because change in the brain is represented by new ‘wiring’ which is created from 'insights', which happen when we make a brand new connection in the brain. The brain loves insights. Insights release various brain chemicals associated with pleasure states. Just being aware of reactions to change helps you to deal with it better. Next time someone suggests a, whether it is at home, your workplace or life in general, try not to have an instantly negative reaction, particularly if the person introducing the change hasn't gone about it in a very well planned way! Try asking them if you can become more involved, or just explain to them how their suggestion is making you feel, and try to work out a positive way forward. Remember, we cannot avoid changes forever, as the quote from George Bernard Shaw points out, "Progress is impossible without change", so improving the way we deal with change is very important.

Posted by: Jo Mortimer

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