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Ducklings - It's a full time job keeping them alive

8 Ducklings

Published On: 24.07.2013

Tiverton and Mid Devon are havens for wildlife but the very wild nature of our own...ahem nature can also be a challenge.  Numerous majestic buzzards and sparrowhawks.  Crafty foxes and ingenious crows and magpies all pose a threat to some of the more vulnerable inhabitants of our fair town.

Well it has been quite a week for our little friends. 8 ducklings were born last week to a very proud wild duck in our pond.  Dad had already left, although he had done a sterling job in protecting mum and keeping her out of harms way.

However, we have been nervous wrecks as the sounds of attacking hoards have been startlingly and alarming.  I am not David Attenborough and cannot watch idly by when some cute animal is under threat so I've been dashing out to the pond or lawn to stop attacks either before they happen or on two memorable occasions this week in the midst of a buzzard attack.

The main photo was taken after one such attack.  There were 8 ducklings before and a very subdued 8 after the attack. Phew.

Posted by: Arthur Pramboit

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