A CooperaTiv migration


In 2013 I was fortunate to become part of the CooperaTiv, a pop up shop funded by Mary Portas. After about a year we heard Boots opticians was taking over our shop and we would either have to find somewhere else and fund it ourselves or close totally.

My husband & I decided we would rent a shop on Gold Street, Tiverton but due to the extortionate rent prices on the high street the only shop affordable was a quaint shop down an alley next to the Thai Restaurant.

Sue Griggs, The Mayor of Tiverton opened Alley Cats on October 1st 2014. Five other crafters from the original shop rented spaces in my shop with temporary spaces also available. We now only have four of the original people in the shop along with five other crafters with myself selling scarves, bags, candles, photography, homeware, cards gifts & more.

We have a great variety of gifts & crafts, something we feel is a great asset for Tiverton. Our only concern is that many local people still don’t realise we are there.

If you walk past the Thai Restaurant towards Tesco’s on Gold Street you will see a door open with paw prints leading down to the shop. We also have a small display in the shop (closed at present) the other side of the alley, just to give you an idea of what to expect when you step off the high street, follow the paw prints & discover a unique shop full of goodies. See you there.

Paul & Debbie Metcalfe