In these thrice-weekly updates about the Feast of St. James, we've already brought a variety of different acts to your attention - the music of Ian Idris, Mock Hobby Horse and Dawn Treader; the juggling of Ben Cornish; the magic and puppetry of Colin John; and the re-enactments of Bowlore. Today we'd like to tell you a short story about acclaimed storyteller Clive PiG. In the words of Listen with Mother, "Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin."

Clive PiG has been performing live since the age of 5, when he performed one of his one songs at Butlins. Since then he has appeared in everything from one-man shows at the Edinburgh Festival to primary schools and old people's homes. He specialises in bringing traditional stories to life through an exciting mix of masks, music, puppetry and song. When he's not gigging on his own, Clive tours with his band Clive PiG and the Hopeful Chinamen.

Clive will be telling stories in five sessions happening throughout the day on Phoenix Lane. Check out his website here to get an indication of the kinds of material he will be performing. Join us again on Friday for another Feast of St. James update!


Stall of the Day
The Exmouth Exporium. Wild and woolly clothing from Callum Langdon. Follow him on Twitter here.