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Things to do and see in Tiverton

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Published On: 01.05.2013

While a small and inviting location for a holiday, Tiverton is also the administrative centre for Mid-Devon district. The location of Tiverton makes it ideal for individuals who may wish to stay in a small town and participate in their activities but also be able to quickly reach the larger towns of Exeter or Taunton.
There is a massive clock tower in the middle of Tiverton that reflects its history and pride. The clock tower is a miniature replication of an abbey and has the statuary and detail given to larger works of art.

The old railway line in Tiverton was turned into a walking path which give a visitor an opportunity to walk on a path that is covered with shade trees and the many scents of the wonderful English countryside.

The Great Western Canal begins in Tiverton and this area is awe inspiring with one side of the canal shaded by trees and flowers and the other side a park where one can sit and enjoy the canal, walk on the paths provided, or catch a narrow boat for a tour.

One of the industries for which Tiverton is famous is wool. The hills and valleys surrounding town are home to many sheep which keep the region in wonderful condition for hikers who can climb the hills easily to view the town and valleys below.

Part of the National Trust, a visitor cannot leave Tiverton without touring Knightshayes Court. Built in the late 1800s, this home is a marvel of architectural design and historic exhibits that relative to Tiverton. Tours of the home are available throughout the year. It is the only example built of a medium size Burges House and exemplifies the characteristics of that style.

The gardens and landscape of Knightshayes Court make the park setting complete with the use of flowers and plants that are indigenous to the region. One can spend an entire day in the gardens and another day just touring and enjoying the captivating beauty of this historic home.

Posted by: Simon Haughtstone

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